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  谦虚英语作文 1

  modesty is one of the national characters of chinese people.

  there are many stories about modesty in the history of china. however, some people think that in the influence of the western culture, modesty seems not so important as before. i cant agree with them. i think its the quality veryone should process. many young people do not realize the importance of modesty. they are sitisfied with a little success, so that they dont try hard to make progress.

  besides, some others have too high an opinion of themselves, totally ignoring others suggestions and advices. all these will lead them to a bad consequence in the future.

  谦虚英语作文 2

  “Modesty is not only an ornament,but also a guard to virtue.”Joseph Addison once said.Modesty can not only make someone look beautiful and well-mannered,but also serve as aguarantee to one’s excellent character.It is obvious that people tend to lose their finequalities if they are not modest.

  Simple as Addison’s remark may sound,it contains abundant life philosophy and informsus of the significance of modesty.why does modesty play an indispensable role in our life ?Modesty can inspire people to achieve greater success.Those who are modest will never becontent with their current achievements,instead,they will work constantly to achieve ahigher target.Quite a few examples can be given to prove the importance of modesty,however,I can think of no better illustration than the following one:how could BenjaminFranklin,who was once a printer of humble origins,attain tremendous achievements in somany fields such as science,politics,literature and navigation if he was simply content withsmall achievements?

  We should always bear in mind that modesty will prompt us to go farther.Accordingly,atno time should we be satisfied with our small accomplishments,instead,we need to keep anopen mind to accept new things,absorb new information, acquire new knowledge and seizenew opportunities.“Success consists in industry and modesty.”A philosopher once said.





  谦虚英语作文 3

  "Modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind , the words kept wandering in my mind.

  It was a sunny morning, I as usual, hand in the homework and began to read. But the back of the time a to my unexpected thing happened.

  The story of the tortoise and the hare are all familiar, he told us that "modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind," this is a study, work principles of success. Believe in any one, from an early age knew "modesty helps one to make progress, conceit makes one lag behind" this quote! Pride goes before a fall, a person can not pride, otherwise, the "lost" will be your destination.

  Although Im a has been reading the sixth graders, but I still have not been able to quit this bad habit, so I just eat a lot of big losses because of pride. Take to eat when I read the sixth grade the first semester of losses.

  That time, I write a composition is very good, the teacher called me into his office, a full face of smile said: "Luo Qian, you improved the composition, the teacher really proud for you, do you want about tutoring tutoring students on both sides of the oh! I hope you can write a good essay more again to let me shine at the moment." I listen to the teachers comments, felt very amazing. Because in the past I composition is not going well, I got the teachers praise, my heart a little surprised a little smug. Act quickly ran back to the classroom, I say to my classmates around again the teacher praised me, I shot a clap legs, head to say: "how, my bad! After ah, do you have a composition cant write all can ask me! Oh I am omnipotent in terms of composition. "After this, every time I scribble" painting "zhou ji, finally I also is such. When I was in the final exam in send report card that day, the teacher called me again into once praised my office, but this is not praise me. I slowly walked to the front of the teacher, the teacher saw me, gush to a mass of anger to me:" Luo Qian Luo Qian, you back is too big, before the teacher praise you, because you really improved, look at you now, you write a composition like what, I also wish you a bright, let me before now? Look at your composition, it is wasting my time. Now you must remember this sentence "modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind. "

  "Modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind" this sentence let me understand a truth, we should accept the praise, dont use the proud to accept the praise.







  谦虚英语作文 4

  "Modesty is not only an ornament, but also a guard to virtue." Joseph Addison once said. Modesty not only makes one look beautiful and well-mannered, but also serves as a guarantee to his excellent character. Apparently people may lose their fine qualities if they are not modest.

  Simple as Addison’s remark may sound, it contains abundant life philosophy. Modesty can prompt us to go farther and achieve greater success. Those who are modest will never be content with their current achievements; instead, they will work constantly to accomplish a higher target. Take Benjamin Franklin as an example: He was once a printer of humble origins, so if he was simply satisfied with small achievements, it would be impossible for him to attain enormous achievements in so many fields such as science, politics and literature.

  We should always keep in mind the significance of modesty in our life. We need to keep an open mind to accept new things, absorb new information, acquire new knowledge and seize new opportunities. "Success consists in industry and modesty." A philosopher once said.



  我们应该将谦虚在人生中的重要意义牢记在心。我们需要保持一个开放的心态,去接受新事物、吸收新信息、学习新知识并且抓住新机会。 “成功在于勤奋和谦虚,”一位哲人曾经这样说。

  谦虚英语作文 5

  Modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind. "This sentence as everyone knows, but, true feeling and understanding of this sentence, I graduated from the sixth grade to pupils, had to" hurt ".

  That was when I was in fourth grade, my grades has always been very good, almost every examination score is in front of the class five. The part ii, on the fourth grade in the mid-term examination for the first time I get the whole class total score first name! So, I with my mother when I came back this "good news" reported, mother also very happy. Happy, my mother told me that such a sentence: "though you tested the whole class the first this time, but dont be proud oh, modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind, if you are proud, grades will fall off then." At that time, the mood very good I will readily promised to mom, I promise not complacent pride, for the first forever. So, always the most love my mum agree to buy me a cartoon; And dad resolute promised to buy me a tablet. Next, I started to "busy" : the free time is the time I read comic books; The weekend is the time I play the tablet... Ill play blindly, sometimes even a bath also forgave, weekend homework occasionally dont have enough time to finish... As a result, my grades began to slowly fell off as mother expected. But, I still continue to "the" see also look, "the play is play, do not feel my grades so fierce, anyway, I have a plenty of" capital ". Results in the final exam, I from the class total score first to the class of 16! You know, a total of only 34 people in our class, I almost in the middle!

  I regret, regret not keen to listen to mother, instead let comics and tablets to "play" faint mind and mind. From these mistakes, then I never naughty, dare not to "capital" complacent pride, at ordinary times in most of the time in reading books and do go to... Now, "" enquiry again became my" mainstream ", in the fifth grade, the performance was up again, dad more see the sun is shining in the face.

  Modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind, this other words right in the slightest. It is like a whip, often propel I dont become complacent pride; Like a beacon, illuminating my road trip in the dark!





  谦虚英语作文 6

  Modest since ancient times is seen as a virtue. Yes, modesty is the best way to improve, people is the important condition to success. Only learn humility, people will continuously enterprising, make greater achievements.

  Situation is not equal to inferior, some people dont fully understand oneself, ability to degrade yourself too much, as long as there is a task to him, he always said: "I do bad, you still find someone else!" Others have dont understand the question for him, he is always lower the head and said: "I dont know." This is modesty? No, this is a sign of inferiority. Low self-esteem tend to be "humble" false packaging, inferiority, as well as pride, stupid. It is often accompanied by laziness, it is usually to their own survival of explanation. This is worthless.

  Inferior never s appearance, often hid themselves and laziness to fabricated the trap of their own. Inferior fear of failure, will never succeed. But the eagle can fly less than chicken, but chicken will never fly to eagle is so high. Inferior is willing to do a fall behind of chicken, also dont want to be a failure of the eagle.

  The modest man progress is endless. When people praise of their achievements, a "no" to display with noble moral character. Inferior will only put the "I cant" "I wont excuse to escape." It is this seemingly humble, seemingly sincere confession, became the imprison their shackles. Those under the "modesty" conceal not aggressive inferior, need is out of ignorance, behind the shadow, feet on the ground, only to the confidence, the courage to face yourself to be successful. The composition Instructions, inferiority is not modest, humble will never contain inferiority...

  谦虚英语作文 7

  The cartoon aims at informing us of the significance of modesty. Definitely, no once can deny the importance of it. Modesty can inspire people to achieve greater success. Those who are modest will never be content with their current achievements, instead, they will work constantly to achieve a higher target. moreover,a modest people are more likely to be fitting in, win others’ trust and enjoy a harmonious interpersonal relationship. To further illustrate the importance of modesty, I would like to take Newton as a case in point: how could he, one of the most influential scientists throughout the history of mankind, discover the Law of Momentum Conservation if he was simply content with the achievement of finding Three Laws of Motion ?

  Accordingly, at no time should we be satisfied with our small accomplishments, instead , we need to keep an open mind to accept new things, absorb new information, acquire new knowledge and seize new opportunities. "Success consists in industry and modesty." A philosopher once said.